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St Ives, Cornwall

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Hi everyone, I thought i would just tell you about my holiday to Cornwall, Daddies took me to St Ives, where despite popular rumour I was allowed to run and play on some of the beaches there, I took my favourite ball with me, chased it for hours in the sand and played in the refreshing waters off the St Ives coast line,  The beach we went to was Porthkidney, it is a huge expanse of sand with dunes to play in and shallow waters so I had hours and hours of fun.  It was very hot on the days when we went so I had a huge shelter to lie under when I got a bit tired and I also used my portable drinking bowl so that I was hydrated in the sunshine. I’ve posted some pictures of me on the beach and running on the sand after my ball so you can see.

We also all went on really long walks along the coastline, through fields and farm yards (the smells were amazing) past some fantastic scenery, I met some cows and horses along the way and had loads of fun climbing rocks and boulders and running through streams, it was epic.

Daddies said if I’m good I can go again next year.

You may be interested to know where I get my portable dog bowls, well Daddy has them in the salon for you to buy, they are great and are small enough to fit into a back pocket or small handbag, they fold flat and also have a handy clip on them so you can attach them to your belt loop or your handbag strap.  They are £5 each and come in blue or green colours.  I loved having mine especially on long walks when I got thirsty and wanted something to wet my whistle..Daddies were drinking something called Cider which is popular in Cornwall, but I was happy sitting under the Pub table and having a rest while they refreshed themselves…

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