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What’s your name and where do you come from?

What’s your name and where do you come from?

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As I walk around Ferring and the surrounding areas and even when I’m on holiday in Cornwall or walking in the South Downs, Daddies always get loads of people stopping them and saying “what a beautiful dog, she has such unusual markings” “whats her name, what is she and where does she come from?” So for the blog this week, I thought I’d put it out there and answer all the questions..

Well, first of all I am an Australian Service Dog, more commonly known as an Australian Labradoodle, my mother, Scarlett, is a beautiful red Standard Poodle and my Dad is a fabulous Australian Labradoodle called Dico. I was one of 15 puppies born in May 2015.

My puppy Nana is called Debbie Simms Walker and she owns my parents and breeds this fabulous line of Merle Labradoodles under the name of “Cream of British” based in Fareham near Portsmuth.

Debbie is an amazing breeder, Tina Turner once said, “simply the best”, well I think that was about Debbie.  All of Debbie’s dogs are home reared, not in kennels like some others, they are all loved as family dogs and have the most amazing temprements. Debbie carefully selects her combinations to create the best puppies and hand rears them so that when they go to their puppy parents they are socialised, healthy and ready for their new families.

Please check out the website CREAM OF BRITISH LABRADOODLE where you can see Debbie’s extensive explanation of how her puppies are bred, how to look after us, grooming tips for the breed, all the boys and girls she owns and up and coming litters. Some of my family have even appeared on the cover of magazines and even featured in Star Wars…yes the movie….

I keep in touch with Debbie my puppy nana for advice and chats so I know she still cares.

I was called Barbara Margaret Denise, I’m not really sure why, but I like it..I’ve never met another dog called Barbara, my daddies call me Babsy, Babs, Barbarella or BMD all the neighbours and friends around Ferring call me Barbara, I think because it’s so unusual, I like lots of attention and I am very playful, I get a bit over excited sometimes but I am getting older so I calm down very quickly and just love being fussed….

So, that’s me, hope you are all having a lovely summer and I can’t wait for you all to come and see me and Daddies in the Salon very soon..



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