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At the beach with aunty Jess & Ruby…

At the beach with aunty Jess & Ruby…

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Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and the beautiful coastal scenery.

I’ve been on a big walk with my best friend Ruby and Aunty Jess, her mum.

Ruby and a Aunty Jess took me with them onto the Beach at Ferring whilst the tide was out which I love. I particularly enjoy chasing seagulls and chewing the seaweed. Jess is a lovely human who walks dogs around the village for some of Ferring’s residents and Ruby is her dog, my bestest friend.  Ruby lost her ball in the sea so I helped her find it and we played for ages in the water and ran up and down the sand.

We walked back along the Rife, where, I decided to do one of my speciality shoulder roles in fox poo……. I can’t resist it, it’s smells so interesting and I feel the need to cover myself in it and try and get it smothered all over my collar….

Whenever I do this, Daddies or Aunty Jess run over to me shouting No No No….Its hilarious to see the shear horror on their faces.  On this occasion it meant that Aunty J as had to take me and Ruby back down to the beach for another play in the sea, so it was a complete result.

When I got home, daddy took me straight to the bath in the salon and I had a lovely warm shower with my favourite Wildwash Magnolia and Ylang  ylang shampoo and when I was dry I had some wildwash perfume, it smells like flowers and i love that too.

Daddy even put my collar in the washing machine so it has had a clean too..

So doggy friends and salon buddies, if you find some fox poo that I haven’t found yet and you feel the need, as I do, to fling your legs to the sky and roll your fur in the smelly substance, just let my daddy know and he will wash it all out with a fabulous bath…it’s a sure an absolute must after a busy walk on the beach or the rife.

Happy walking…running….rolling…..



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