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Dog Groomers Angmering

Dog Groomers Ferring

Dog Grooming Worthing

Dog Grooming Hove

Small Dog from £30.00

Medium Dog from £40.00

Large Dog from £45.00

Extra Large Dog from £50.00

Price Guide

The Prices vary depending on the condition of your dog’s coat and skin, and we can discuss this at the salon appointment.  Should their coat be matted, we would not wish to cause discomfort at any time, so we will happily clip the coat to reinvigorate the growth.

Bath &  Blow Dry

Prices also vary, depending on the level of groom you would like us to achieve, we can simply bath and blow dry so that they are cleaned and revived after a muddy walk or an interim bathe between full grooms. Prices from £20 for small breeds.

K9 Chauffeur

If you are unable to personally transport your pooch to the salon we also offer a collection and return service for your pet who can travel in style to and from their appointment. Our “K9 chauffeur service” has a fully segmented dog guard and a comfy bed and blankets enabling comfortable travel in the large boot area (Bab’s loves travelling in it!)

Prices (Pick up and return)
Ferring /Goring by Sea £10
Worthing/Angmering/Rustington/East Preston £20

Other areas : Prices on request

Facial Scrub Treatment  £10

A blueberry facial product is used to soothe and cleanse the skin leaving them feeling revived and refreshed. Our product has natural exfoliating activity and is hydrating. The blueberry removes the dirt and will not sting which is particularly effective for dogs with wrinkled skin, where the accumulation of bacteria, food, dirt and debris can lead to skin infection. The tearless product is used to reduce bacteria and trapped odours.

Pawdicure  £10

Nail clipping can be a headache for some owners, so, as long as your friend does not mind, we can clip the nails and buff them to a comfortable length. We will clip out the hair that grows between the pads and clean the paws using a specially formulated balm which helps to prevent cracked skin.   The same product can be used on the nose, so we can treat your pooch to a soft snout too.

We understand that every dog (and owner) is different and therefore we spend time getting to know you and your pet to in order to ensure that every time you visit, you both leave feeling revived, refreshed and fully satisfied with the services we provide. We aim to grow and develop our business through retaining loyal customers and from their personal recommendations so customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

7 Point Health Check

We offer a full grooming service which includes a 7 point health check, this is provided so that every time your dog comes into the grooming salon we can assess their health and monitor any issues.


We will check for abnormalities and make sure the eyes are clean and free from debris, discharge and dirt, we will use a cleansing eye cleaner to cleanse the area.


A check of the ears, where dirt and infection can congregate, we will use a gentle ear cleaner to remove any dirt and advise you of any abnormalities.


We will make sure that excess fur is clipped from around the pads and make sure the pads are clean, we will also assess their gait and nail scuffing and advise you.  A full nail clip, buff and paw balm service is also available as an additional treat,  and if they don’t mind…


Teeth and gums, we know that dogs don’t brush their teeth as often as we do, so we can check the condition of the teeth and advise you of anything we find, we can recommend, teeth cleaning products and help you keep your friend’s gnashers in tip top condition.

Hygiene Area

We can clean and remove and dirt, make sure their posterior is healthy and in full working order, a clip and clean of the area will be included in a full groom service.

Coat Condition

We will assess the dogs coat to establish any knots or matts. We will also be looking for any parasites that may have decided to take shelter. We can apply a shampoo that will highlight their natural coat and leave them feeling re energised, we will be looking deeper into the coat to the skin to make sure the skin is moisturised and healthy.

Gait Analysis

We can see from looking and the way a dog walks, their agility, nail scuffing and muscle tone if they maybe hiding a more serious problem. We can advise of any observations so that you can continue to look after your friend in the best possible way.

We want to give your precious companion the best experience, so we will assess the coat condition whilst you are in the salon. We can discuss any special shampoo and conditioner you would like to treat your dog to, they may require, de-matting, a flea treatment or a special coat treatment to soothe sore skin.  You may also like to add enhanced treatments for your dog to enjoy,